Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

IGUTOMER offers you a wide range of courses at all levels; Our courses consist of 7 weeks, 4 days a week from A1 to C1 level, 140 hours in total, and final exams are held in the 8th week.
Yes. In addition to the registration process, if you send us your payment receipt and a copy of your passport on the pre-application page, we will send you acceptance letter you will need for the visa application process. We would like to point out that if it is requested in the application form for the acceptance letter, this process will be carried out and please note that our prospective students are responsible for obtaining the visa using the official documents provided by the University. Our university is not responsible for the visa application process.
It is given to students who enroll in the course as to be valid as long as they are registered, in line with their requests.
Residence transactions can be made with the student certificate provided by our institution. However, transportation card transactions cannot be performed. Our university has no responsibility for students' residence permit procedures. The responsibility belongs to the applicant.
325USD for each courses.
Please kindly be informed that, Each courses consist of 7 weeks.
No. A level determination exam is given to all students enrolled in TOMER before classes begin. According to this exam, the student is directed to the appropriate lot or if you can certify a previous training with a certificate, you must submit a petition to our unit.
Turkish proficiency certificates issued by Istanbul Gelisim University Turkish and Foreign Language Application and Research Center are valid in every university in Turkey.
Anyone who wants to document their Turkish language skills can take the Turkish Proficiency Exam. In addition, a student who enters our university from the "international student" quota must have at least B2 level Turkish language proficiency in order to obtain a Turkish language exemption and start the department/program. The student who cannot meet this requirement is required to take 'Turkish Language Preparation' training for 1 year.
Photo , Passport and Payment Receipt.
Please note that, all documents will be provided as online.
Apply can be done online through link below;


Step 1 -Please fill in all required fields and click 'send'
Step 2 - When you receive an e-mail from us, the reference number in the relevant e-mail will be shared with you. In this way, you can follow the progress of your application step by step. In this process, if you have missing documents (photo, passport and payment receipt), it must be completed.
Step 3 - Once registration is checked and approved, a notification email will be sent to the applicant regarding the details of the courses.


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